Awesome Moths

Not many people know, how beautiful moths can be, since most moths fly only by night.*  Here is a compilation of moths and their caterpillars:

* The distinction between moths and butterflies is not a very good one, because both groups contain species that fly by day. The other characteristic is, how they fold their wings. But there are groups among moths that fold their wings exactly like butterflies and vice versa. So, they are actually the same (Lepidoptera).

The Arctiinae (Tiger Moths, Woolly Bears) generate most spectacular colors. Additionally they are a group, where both adults and caterpillars are often equally beautiful.

Arctia caja

Atlantarctia tigrina

Pericallia matronula

Callimorpha dominula

Parasemia plantaginis

and a small one: Miltochrista miniata


Caterpillars: Arctia caja

Arctia caja - Raupe Puschel

even the eggs look special:






Parasemia plantaginis

Rhyparia purpurata

Miltochrista miniata

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