Awesome Moths 4 (Geometridae)

The family Geometridae (geometer moths) is a large group of small to middle-sized moths. It was named after the locomotion of their caterpillars.

Problepsis ocellata

Geometra papilionaria, with caterpillar

Hylaea fasciaria, with caterpillar

Arichanna melanaria, caterpillar and adult have the same colors!

Plagodis dolabraria, masters in mimesis, both adult and caterpillar

Eucrostes indigenata, neon green moth, the caterpillar looks a little bit like a dinosaur



Artiora evonymaria

Lycia hirtaria

 Nychiodes dalmatina, eggs in high magnification, and caterpillar

Charissa variegata

Apochima flabellaria

Aplasta anonaria, amazing mimesis after host plant


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