Awesome Moths 7 (Lymantriinae)

Lymantriinae are a group, where both adults and caterpillars are quite hairy. The male moths have strongly feathered antennae, which often comes along with hairy appearance. The hairs of the caterpillars are often beautifully arranged in tufts and some have spectacular colors.

Two issues connected with this group get usually exaggerated: Mass propagation and urticating hairs. In the northern temperate region there is one species, the Brown-tail (Euproctis chrysorrhoea), whose caterpillars and cocoons have urticating hairs and should not be touched. The hairs of the closely related Yellow-tail (or Swan Moth, Euroctis similis) are harmless. The hairs of all the others, especially the widespread Tussock Moths (genera Orgyia and Callitaera), Gypsy and Nun Moth (Lymantria dispar and monacha) are also harmless.

About mass propagation there is a story to tell about the Gypsy Moth in the 1990s, which I might do later.

Callitaera pudibunda

Callitaera abietis

Leucoma salicis

Euproctis chrysorrhoea

Euproctis similis

Lymantria dispar

Arctornis l-nigrum

Laelia coenosa

Orgyia antiqua

Orgyia recens

Gynaephora fascelina


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