Awesome Moths 8 (Lasiocampidae)

Lasiocampidae are a family of large, hairy and rather ponderous moths and caterpillars (interestingly, both stages share this characteristic).

So, when disturbed, they might do this:

Dendrolimus pini - Falter in Schreckstellung (witzig)

(that’s Dendrolimus pini)

or this:

(that’s Euthrix potatoria)

Some more:

Lasiocampa trifolii

Poecilocampa populi

Macrothylacia rubi

Trichiura crataegi

Eriogaster catax

Eriogaster lanestris

Malacosoma castrensis


Malacosoma neustria

Cosmotriche lobulina


Gastropacha quercifolia